Patreon and Studio Prey

Patreon and Studio Prey

Studio Prey has partnered with Patreon to enable special rewards to friends and family who help support the studio.

These rewards, in part, are granted in the form of limited access to content, updates, and other little extras of the website. You may run into one or more of these areas, and when you do you will see this:

The following is Alarion Level Access ONLY

Family Only: You have to be logged in to Studio Prey and have an active membership.
This content is available to member Patrons. Contribute and link your account to see what you are missing.

You can gain access by using your Patreon account to contribute to Studio Prey. You’ll be granted immediate access. Simply click the above link, select the level of contribution you’d like to make or chose to create your own custom pledge. If the content you are trying to access is restricted to a particular tier level, you may be prompted for the minimum required to access it, but you can certainly choose any tier. After you’re done, login to your Studio Prey account and allow access from Studio Prey to Patreon and you’re done.

Patron Levels

When you contribute you will be prompted to choose among a few basic patron levels.

Patron Levels
The Patron levels you may see when visiting Patreon

You can make a custom pledge, but any value contributed above a tier level grants the privileges of that tier level and of all the tiers below.

How does my Patreon account link with Studio Prey?

Studio Prey is integrated with services that connect us with Patreon. Your Patreon information is kept confidential, all we do is send you to them via a special link and they send us back a special token that says how awesome you are. You must, in fact, grant us access to this special token for anything to happen. When Patreon prompts you, it will look a bit like this:

Simply click “Allow” and when you log into Studio Prey with your Studio Prey user account, we will be able to link your super token of awesomeness to your profile, and BAM! You are in the family and among great company.

The rule of thumb for making it work is to just be sure you are logged into your Patreon account and then Login to your Studio Prey account. For Studio Prey to see the changes you make in Patreon you may need to log out and log back in.

If you run into any problems you can e-mail for help and we will see what we can do.