Gate Ways

Gate Ways

Gate Ways (FSU - Short) Book 0.5
Gate Ways is a Farthest Star Series novelette detailing first contact before the events of Dawnbreak.

First contact, was once an idea that brought hope, but from 2031 on, it had brought fear. Spurred on by the mysterious destruction of the Far Horizons probe, mankind had finally taken the first steps beyond their planet and out amongst the stars. Forty years later, the UEAS Danube sits disabled and adrift before a new and powerful alien race, the Mendians. For the moment they appear benevolent, and promise humanity a pathway to the stars themselves, asking for only a few small concessions in return…

While Major Beverly Nicolleti negotiates the Treaty of Gates aboard the Danube, those back on Earth debate whether or not this is the door way to hell itself.

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