Nightmare Gods Series

Nightmare Gods Series

Mankind is so certain of the world it knows, so sure of itself and it’s science. But, just beyond the veil lies a world of magic and secrets. Where Gods of Nightmare slumber awaiting the day of awakening.

Skye wanted nothing more than a job to pay her meager bills, but the fates had other ideas. The job she found will change her world and redirect the very fate of mankind.

Ghosts of The Nightmare Gods Book 1

Ghosts of the Nightmare Gods

The Nightmare Gods Series Book 1
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All Skye Worthington wanted was a job; a way to make ends meet, keep the lights on, and her stomach fed.The fates had other plans.

A wrong turn, and a sputtering engine herald her entrance to an ancient truth…

Little does she know it, but hidden within her mundane world lurks a world of light, magic and nightmare. An ancient evil begins to awake, and she may be one of the few that can stop it.

But first… a few changes are in order.

Whispers Beyond the Veil Book 2

Whispers Beyond the Veil

Nightmare Gods Series Book 2
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The events in Florida have changed the world and sent the United States into shock.

Skye and all the other magical creatures must now adapt to a wholly new world.


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The Golden Tower

Nightmare Gods Series Book 3
Availability 2020