Final Draft Club

Final Draft Club

What is the FDC?

The Final Draft Club is open to our family of patrons who show interest in seeing the almost completed books before they are published. It’s an opportunity to provide feedback, help catch typos and mistakes, and get a sneak peek of the latest and greatest before anyone else.

How does the FDC work?

Every few days final drafts of chapters will be posted to the special FDC area. There will be several chapters released every week until the entire book has been released. Chapters will remain accessible until the end of the Final Draft review period.

During the Final Draft review period, you will be given a chance to express comments pointing out feedback, suggestions, or other thoughts. These comments will each be reviewed and considered and will help the books and the series they are attached to become better. Unless otherwise enabled by one of our editors, administrators, or Rebecca herself, comments will remain hidden from other FDC members. We want you to feel free to give the honest feedback you have without influence from others. Again, these comments will all be reviewed before the book is set to print.

When the review period is over, the book will still be available via the FDC for a short period of time. However, all chapters shown will be cleared out for the new book under Final Draft as it becomes available and chapters for it are released.

Special Bonus for Continued Support

For those who remain in the FDC from the time the first chapter of a book is released to the last chapter AND are at a Supporter level or above, a special invite will be given to the registered user’s e-mail. In that invite will be an exclusive offer to buy the physically printed Special Edition Limited Release version of the book, signed by Rebecca and/or Kat and individually numbered. These are special limited run copies and will not be made available to anyone else at any other time. As such, there will be a hard cut-off time window to take advantage of the offer. So, join as a Supporter and stay in the FDC and be ready to jump on the deal when it comes and you will have a real collectors item.


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