Farthest Star, Book 4 coming in 2023!

Farthest Star, Book 4 coming in 2023!

It’s been a wild ride since the pandemic, and almost three years since our last release. But today I’m excited to announce that we will be prepping Farthest Star for publication beginning October 7th!

The current plan is to have it released and on amazon in the first six months of 2023.

We’ve got some hurdles to cross, I’m doing this on a tighter budget than ever before. As you can imagine, everyone is hurting right now, but in the wake of the pandemic and crushing inflation the Studio’s income is next to nothing.

If you could see your way to kicking a few dollars to the Studio to help us get through the month, keep the lights on, or go towards things like covers (which cost a lot, because they’re a lot of work for the artists that make them) I’d humbly point you towards my Ko-Fi.

If times are hard for you as well, please, by all means, hold on to your dollars. Studio Prey has always been about the community first. I’m flattered by everyone that’s given my work a glance, and have been floored by those kind enough to leave reviews.

Rest assured that you all matter to me. Thank you for believing in my work so much as to grant me your time. It’s one of the most precious things we have. I’m looking forward to sharing the next exciting installment! It’s epic! (if I do say so myself)

Onward, towards the Farthest Star! Rebecca J. Mickley

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