Still Going!

Still Going!

Wow, it has been a while hasn’t it? The Pandemic, the trail, there have been so many things that have transpired between then and now, and this webpage has kind of fallen into a holding pattern as a result.

That’s all on me, but I haven’t been idle.

Currently I’m in the process of completing my 21st novel manuscript, Second Tier Sorcery, and, spoiler alert, after 1 70,000 words written I don’t think I’ve spelled sorcery right once yet. Soon, I’ll have sixteen unpublished manuscripts, many of them set in Farthest Star, and Nightmare Gods, ready for editing.

It’s a familiar tune, but the pandemic and the challenges of the last few years hammered myself and my team rather hard. I closed my Patreon a few months ago after they kept taking a larger and larger cut of what I got every month, and then opened a ko-fi.

Many of my monthly donors migrated with me, but if you’re keen to help an independent writer, well…

The other exciting bit I have to announce is that I’m trying new things. I’ve recently, at the suggestion of a dear friend, opened up an A03 account, and will be posting much of Dawnbreak, and Ghosts of the Nightmare Gods there over the coming weeks, so if you’re finding me through A03, let me be the first to say welcome, followed by, “thank the Gods!” I’m always looking for new readers.

When I finish posting those in digestible chunks over the next couple months, I will be releasing, in largely unedited form my most recent novel project, and my very first lit RPG, Second Tier Sorcery.

Writing is my passion, while things are darker financially for the Studio than they have ever been, and sales have slumped, there is nothing in almost ten years of regular writing that has taken me away from the keyboard, or kept me from writing my manuscripts…

No matter what happens, no matter if it takes years, I will find a way to get the content I have written to the press.

To those of you that still check here, to those of you that have cared, that have helped, encouraged, left reviews, or remember me in their thoughts and prayers, know that I am eternally grateful, as I love to say in my dedication pages, you have made all the difference.

-Rebecca Mickley

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