Meet the Author

Meet the Author

I guess the best place to begin one of these is at the beginning, the very beginning. I was born January of 1981 in Lubbock Texas at the then called Methodist Hospital.

The 80’s and the 90s were a great time to be a nerdy kid. Ghostsbusters came out when I was three, and by the time I was six, it was my favorite movie. Star Trek: The next generation premiered in 1987 and taught me much about life and engendered a deep interest with me in morality and ethics, beyond that, Batman the Animated Series in 1992, and shows like Transformers were staples of both my childhood and adolescence.

However, I was not solely watching television. I began reading at an early age and feasted upon books such as the Chronicles of Narnia by Lewis, The Dark Is Rising by Susan Cooper as well as classics like the Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, and Hugo’s Hunchback of Notre Dame.

When I was a freshman in high school this new technology called “the internet” began to come into vogue, by the time I got to college at McMurry University in 1999 it was everywhere and was a major influence and point of growth for me.

My major in college was in Religious Studies and my minor was in history. Originally the plan was to join the Ministry with the United Methodist Church. Then, the unexpected happened, my faith and beliefs began to slowly change until I realized that the christian church was no longer a good fit for me.

After Graduation I suppose you could say that I wandered, eventually leaving Texas and moving across the US taking various jobs along the way, from working in a Psychiatric Hospital to Truck driving. About eight years ago, I met Waggs and began to settle down, initially moving to Southern California where I began to explore a career in writing.

There was still one more move for me, to Washington state in 2014. I find that I like it here, and plan on staying, writing my books, and watching the sun rise over the spruce tree in my back yard.

Onward, towards the Farthest Star!

– Rebecca (Snowy) Mickley



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