Studio Prey honors the life of Stan Lee

Studio Prey honors the life of Stan Lee

It is with a heavy heart that I pause from our normal business today to remember a man that meant so much to me and many others. Stan Lee was one of the bright lights of his age, a creator that introduced depth and nuance to characters in a time when comics had lost much of that fire due to the silver age.  He showed us that no matter the medium, with the right writer, characters could come alive, have personalities of their own, all the while growing and changing while they had new experiences.

As for me, I am a huge fan of his Silver Surfer series. As a young Religious Studies student at McMurry University, I spent hours reading the early editions, as the surfer struggled with his identity and concepts of responsibility, good, and evil. To say his work was formative to me, is an understatement. I aspire to write with the clarity, honesty and vision that he showed in his long and storied career.

Farewell Stan Lee, you will be fiercely missed.

-Rebecca J. Mickley

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