We’re Back!

We’re Back!

It’s been an exciting Halloween for us here. Dawnbreak is out in the Final Draft Club, Gateways is available in it’s entirety and we are already gaining subscribers steadily. It’s clear we have a lot to celebrate this year, and nothing more so than the awesome community that has come out to support the release of my newest works.

Going forward, you can expect to see new chapters of Dawnbreak posted every Wednesday and Sunday like clockwork, and 100% free for the duration of the release. Starting in February (maybe March) we will be releasing Rise of the Forgotten. With it’s release the pay wall will rise, but I hope that you will consider staying on as a patron and helping support the magic. Everything will be released here first, so if you want the latest and the greatest, along with a chance to help shape the story itself, then I hope you will consider joining us here after the conclusion of Dawnbreak’s serialized release as we go forward with the next books in the series, and new universes to explore.

Thank you for being here, thank you for your support.

Happy Halloween and happy reading everyone!

-Rebecca J. Mickley

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