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The wait is almost over!

The wait is almost over!

The wait is almost over, and Rebecca Mickley’s new book Rise of the Forgotten will be released by the end of the year. But, for all of those of you who have waited four long years for another installment, a special surprise awaits you. And the best part? It wont cost a dime. Don’t fret about it holding up Rise, it wont. In fact, you can expect new books to follow on a regular basis going forward. And no, not another four years. We’ve got so much to show you, and the show is just beginning.



Welcome to Studio Prey!

Welcome to Studio Prey!

Hello all, I’m Rebecca Mickley, author of Exile’s Return, and Ghosts of the Nightmare Gods. If you are looking for fast paced, action packed, yet philosophically driven sci-fi or urban fantasy, with a side order of xenofiction, well, you’ve come to the right place.

The two story, scaly mountain in the corner, busily burning typos is Kat, a dragon. (Confused? You should be, I know I am !) We are told the smoke is not hazardous, so long as we continue venting according to EPA regulations.

You all signed your release forms right? Oh, never mind… Moving on…

You see, this place is a bit of a grand experiment for me. I am venturing out on my own, dear reader. Beyond the safe and protected shores of traditional publishing, striking out valiantly into the wilds of independent publishing. You can see signs of my courage in the trembling of my knees, and the chattering of my teeth.

Bravery personified, I tell you.

Anyhow, watch this space for updates, but soon all of my current works will be released here, in weekly format, a few chapters at a time. Expect more details soon.

Kat… Why are you looking at me like that? I fed you last week… Yes… they signed the release forms.

The things I put up with I tell you.

Stay tuned! More to come soon..

-Rebecca “Snowy” Mickley